David Horning

Keynote Comedian

"Great change of pace for a conference! Good information." - Northern Utah HRA spring conference

"Powerful for an opening keynote." - Kalamazoo HRMA Day of Development

"A breath of fresh air in the meeting world." - Cincinnati Eastside Rotary Club

What if you could wake up each morning EXCITED to go to work?


"David’s presentation gave me a new perspective on positively framing my everyday interactions with co-workers and employees." - Muskingum Valley HR Association

"David's energy filled up the room and made me want to go back to work and be the sunshine in my office." - Northern Utah HR Association

"David expertly combines comedy with serious topics and puts on an amazing show." - Snake River Society for HR Management

A national keynote speaker and comedian who has headlined conferences and has been featured in the 2014 New York Comedy Festival, David entertains, energizes, and inspires audiences to transform themselves, their teams, organizations, and communities using the power of humor. By incorporating humor as a tool, David introduces fresh perspectives of your obstacles, work, and conflict with others in a way that creates a happier, more engaging, exciting, and meaningful work experience. 

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Infuse laughter into your workday while creating the conditions for more creative thinking. Learn more here:

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