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If you've ever wondered why people and today's political and economic systems are having such a hard time adapting to the COVID pandemic, the answer actually lies in our DNA. If humans are designed to deal with uncertainty better than any other animal, why haven't we adjusted to this?

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Whether you like it or not, mask-wearing is going to be a part of our culture for the foreseeable future, so it's time to lean into it. Here are some dos and don'ts of connecting employees who don't want masks with those who do.

Don't Cancel... Question

Published 7/20/20

It's in our nature to explore, try new things, and work together, but we're conditioned to stay in our lanes, hold steadfast beliefs, and value individuality. It's like our school system taught us how to be less human.

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Let Humor Set You Free

Published 7/13/20 (Medium)

Living according to a routine that doesn't make you feel energized is a very two-dimensional way to live in a 3D world.
Disrupt that reality with humor.
Believe it or not, getting sick with COVID was the disruption I needed to re-discover that 3D reality.

We all want to improve our workplace cultures, but in many cases, culture disruptions are approached in a "too much, too fast" way. Here are 5 guidelines to help you influence positive, gradual change and avoid making common mistakes.

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Make humor the bubble wrap you need to help you move past bad news.