Church for Pope

Episode 1

Campaign Manager

David Church launches his campaign for pope but needs help running his campaign, so he offers the campaign manager job to his actor roommate Scott, who isn't exactly thrilled with the offer.
Episode 2


Doubting Thomas
David pitches his campaign to Scott and offers him the role of Doubting Thomas in his next campaign appearance.
Episode 3


The House of the Lord
Scott brings a girl home to rehearse a scene but David has already claimed the living room to practice saying mass..
Episode 4


Victory Speech
A new pope has been selected. Still holding out hope that it's him, David rushes to put an inaugural address together with the help of his new intern.
Episode 5


Concession Speech
After losing out on the papacy, David prepares to give a speech conceding the election when he comes across a disturbing revelation.
Episode 6


The Antichrist
Believing that he is the antichrist, David has hit rock bottom while Scott must go to extremes to get the apartment back to normal.

Extra Content

You Picked the Wrong Pope!
Following the selection of a new pope without even being considered for the job, David has decided to send the Vatican a video message asking the cardinals to reconsider their choice.
Campaigning for Pope
David takes his papal campaign to the streets to prove to the Vatican that they made the wrong choice for pope, but his day doesn't start off as well as planned.
Church on Abortions
Every week David Church sends a short video to the College of Cardinals to state his case for becoming pope. This week, he covers the important issue of abortions.
Church on AIDS
David Church isn't afraid to talk about one of the most pressing issues in the Catholic Church in this video application to the Vatican to become pope.
Meet David Church


David discusses how blessed he is to have his campaign team on his quest to be elected pope.
Church for Charity
Church for Pope campaign ad highlighting David's view on charity.