Creative Differences

Episode 1

The Monologue


Scott needs David to write him a dramatic monologue to prepare for an upcoming commercial audition.

Episode 2

Puck on the First Date


David brings a date back to the apartment while Scott gets a little too into character for his role in A Midsummer Night's Dream

Episode 3

The Funeral


David feels guilty over the death of an apartment intruder. Scott helps him overcome his guilt.


Episode 4

The Photo

Scott brings home new artwork for the apartment and things start to get weird.

Episode 5

Naked Girl


David keeps getting distracted from his work by the wonders of the Internet.

Episode 6

Gun Control


After a mishap with a gun, David and Scott rid the apartment of its most dangerous items to ensure their safety.

Episode 7



Scott asks David for help memorizing lines for a zombie movie audition and David obliges. Scott instantly regrets it.